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Infographic - Average Diesel Prices across Europe


Date: 20/02/18   Category: Fuel

We know how important is for you to know current prices of diesel in Europe. That’s why we’ve put together a quick infographic of what was the average price per liter of diesel in January. Check it out…

The Era of Electric Trucks: 6 Ways You Need Think about It


Date: 16/02/18   Category: Fuel

A blog by Klaus Burkart, Chief Shared Service Centre Officer at Eurowag looks at transport companies future in the era of electric trucks and explores 6 ways you need to think about It.

8 ways for small trucking companies to cut costs

Small trucking com_en

Date: 05/02/18   Category: Fuel

With the strong year-on-year growth within the transport industry, all of the market players are facing more and more challenges on a day-to-day basis, and smaller companies are often those who suffer the most from it.

New trucks to look out for in 2018

Tesla semi

Date: 26/01/18   Category: Fuel

2018 will be very interesting year in terms of new modern trucks available from the biggest truck manufacturers. We have taken a look at some of the latest announcement from the renowned manufacturers and here’s what we’ve found!

Top 5 truck routing apps

Routing apps_EN

Date: 18/01/18   Category: Fuel

Life on the road is full of stress and unpredictable situations. You never know what is waiting for you right around the corner, especially after a long day behind the wheel of a multi-ton truck.

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