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Automotive industry managers: hydrogen to defeat electric cars


Date: 18/01/17   Category: Fuel

The future of cars belongs to hydrogen, not electric cars. This information stems from an extensive survey by international consultancy firm KPMG conducted among almost a thousand executive managers from 42 countries.

Hydrogen is the future

Nikola One vodík

Date: 06/01/17   Category: Fuel

Quite a few trailer truck and lorry fans recently got a shock. Back in December, American company Nikola Motor presented its new designer truck (see image) in their central office in Utah. The prototype christened Nikola One is unique in…

What is AdBlue?


Date: 21/05/14   Category: Fuel

AdBlue is a 32.5% aqueous urea solution which is non-toxic and non-flammable. This product is also known as AUS 32, which is an abbreviation for Aqueous Urea Solution. It has been specially developed for diesel engines, whose exhaust…

How to save on fuel with Eurowag cards

Akceptacni sit_poradna

Date: 21/02/12   Category: Fuel

If your company needs to significantly reduce its fuel costs, Eurowag cards are the right solution for you. Eurowag cards allow you to fill up your vehicles with diesel, biodiesel and AdBlue within the company’s European acceptance network…

Diesel and its properties during the winter season


Date: 03/02/12   Category: Fuel

When selecting which diesel fuel to use, take into account how the fuel will behave at low temperatures. Many of you have surely noticed that during the winter months diesel is not always completely clear – it can get cloudy. This is…

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