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Count the sim cards in your CAR

sim card blog img

Date: 12/06/18   Category: Fuel

Experts suggest that a whopping 50 per cent of new cars today are to one or other extent already connected and by 2030 all vehicles produced with at least some aspect of connectivity, while 25 per cent of them by 2030 will have been fully…

Does your car need an Antivirus?

Does you car need an antivirus?

Date: 24/05/18   Category: Fuel

According to leadership from one of the leading consulting companies, we are step by step entering the area of connected cars. Potentially up to 15 % of new cars that will be sold in 2030 would be fully autonomous (once technological and…

Autonomous Trucks: What will be their impact on your business?

Autonomous vehicles

Date: 27/04/18   Category: Fuel

Autonomous Trucks: What will be their impact on your business? Every industry has a dream – something it works towards, but something that is still a fairly distant reality. For space, it’s a mission to Mars and space travel, but for…

The Future of Telematics: Welcome Automation!

Future of Telematics

Date: 18/04/18   Category: Fuel

Some argue that as a society we are at the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and telematics is one of the most fascinating areas in which the transition to Industry 4.0 will take place.

9 easy tactics to improve your driver retention

9 easy tactics

Date: 10/04/18   Category: Fuel

If you are in some way involved with the logistics business, you will certainly be familiar with the dramatically increasing lack of drivers which need to deal with while the growing volume of goods to be transported on European roads.…

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