Eurowag Cares

Our company doesn’t focus solely on making a profit. Aware of the broader significance of businesses in society, help for the needy is integral to our philosophy. W.A.G. purposefully and regularly donates to several specific projects and charitable activities that reflect the most pressing issues around today.

In particular, we help to fund anti-corruption programmes, business transparency projects, and projects for the advancement of civil society. We also focus on educational activities for homeless children and financial support for families who have lost a father during his work as a professional driver.

We have assisted the following projects and associations:

yourchance o.p.s.

“Starting Out Right” – a project to help young people as they leave children’s homes, giving them individual help to adapt to everyday life and providing them with mentoring.

Cesta domů

This association provides professional care to dying people and their loved ones, runs home-based hospice care, provides counselling to the terminally ill and their families, and contributes to social changes with a view to improving end-of-life care.

Lata - programy pro mládež a rodinu, z.ú.

An association that uses trained volunteers to provide young people, in particular, with peer support, helping them to manage troublesome or threatening situations in life while building their independence.

Nadace TruckHelp

A foundation supporting families who have lost a father during his work as a professional driver.

Spolek Otec vlasti Karel IV., z.s.

“Taking Living History into Schools” – this project aims to foster an interest among children and young people in the historical period of Charles VI’s reign and give them a deeper insight into the legacy left behind by this monarch of European standing.

Učená společnost České republiky

A civic association of leading scientists intended to stimulate the free cultivation of science, to foster a thirst for learning and the joy of knowledge, to disseminate scientific knowledge among the public, and to promote an improvement in the level of education and in the creative, rational and socially responsible climate in the Czech Republic.


A student society that arranges competitions promoting student-led business start-ups.


An organisation that seeks to improve public administration and helps to address cases in which citizens have become victims of injustice.



Besides these organisations, W.A.G. sponsors other activities in the arts and sport. We would like to take this opportunity to enlist your help with the above non-profit organisations and foundations. Your assistance will help people who are mired in a difficult situation, and will contribute to positive changes in our society.