PPP project for the completion of Czech highway D4 is close to finalisation

08/12/17 - The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic has concluded an agreement with a consortium of White&Case, Česká spořitelna and Obermeyer Helika, which will help the state with the preparation of a project and selection of a concessionary for the…


OPEC will extend the limit on oil production

08/12/17 - The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will extend the limit on oil production by nine months, meaning until the end of next year. The decision was also ratified by the group of countries outside the petroleum cartel, including…


Austria increases the price of highway vignettes

08/12/17 - Austria has increased the price of highway vignettes for next year. The price of a yearly sticker was increased by 90 cents to EUR 87.30, while the two-month vignette increased by 30 cents to EUR 26.2 and the ten-day sticker costs ten cents more,…


Part of the Prague ring road has acquired an EIA

01/12/17 - The planned segment of the Prague ring road between Běchovice and highway D1 has acquired a positive environmental impact assessment (EIA). If all goes according to plan, construction should begin in 2020. The completion of segment 511 was delayed…


Electric car sales go up

01/12/17 - Global electric car sales increased by 63 percent year-on-year in the third quarter to a record of over 287,000 vehicles. Growth was ensured mainly by high demand primarily in China. Compared to the previous quarter, sales increased by 23 percent.…


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