9 tricks for minimum car insurance payments

When dealing with a large fleet of trucks, getting them insured is a no-brainer. However, with the increase in rates of insurance, rising costs of vehicles and other associated factors, ensuring trucks uses up a lot of money.

One of the best ways to reduce your insurance premiums is to make fewer claims, meaning complaints filed with the insurance company. Choosing to make fewer claims means you have to tackle head-on, the risk factors that could likely cause theft, damage or accident to your fleet of trucks.  In simple terms, focus on increasing the security of your trucks and you would find yourself spending less on insurance premium.

  • Enroll your fleet drivers in driver training programs

Insurance companies give a discount on insurance premium to fleet whose drivers have completed an approved defensive driving course or two. Drivers who undergo training programs would be more security conscious and less likely to put the trucks in harm’s way that could up the insurance costs.

WHAT TO DO: Ask your insurer about other courses for your drivers, it will make the insurance company be more inclined to cut down on the price of insurance premium. Overall, this would ensure that the effort being put into the course as well as the money would be rewarded by a lot of savings.

  • Keep trucks in a secure environment when not in use

Trucks kept in a secure and safeguarded environment are at less risk of being stolen and consequently, less expensive to insure. Of course, you want to make sure that your insurance company would actually issue you a discount for this. Fencing the garage where trucks are held would ward off thieves and burglars. A security surveillance system would help keep an eye on the vehicle where manpower fails.

WHAT TO DO: Prove to your insurance agent or company that the trucks are at no risk of getting stolen while not in transit and it will rapidly decrease your insurance cost.

  • Use tracking devices

Utilizing vehicle trackers boosts the security of any type of vehicle. Not only would yourself and your insurance company be rest assured of safety, but you would also be able to monitor the movement of the drivers and how well or not they are performing.

WHAT TO DO: Optimise costs, increase fuel savings and decrease insurance costs with Eurowag Telematics software. Proving that the trucks are being tracked and monitored would reduce the price of insurance premium you would otherwise have covered and will make fleet management much easier.

  • Pay special attention to young drivers

Young drivers are more likely to be at risk of accidents and damage to vehicles and so, they should receive special attention. While it is inevitable to have young drivers on the driving team, security could be increased by making sure they are not put in charge of the trucks without supervision, giving a driving curfew and so.

  • Install in-car cameras

In-car cameras will help protect both drivers and trucks against break-ins and damage. There are some cameras that take recordings round the clock, not only when the vehicle is running. This way, you get to see what’s going on with the truck even when it is not in use. In-car cameras would also prove to be very useful when you are trying to settle or defend a claim. It would also go a long way to trust your drivers and motivate them to be responsible.

WHAT TO DO: Get an in-car camera for each vehicle.

  • Install anti-theft accessories

While cameras might provide proof of accidents or theft, it is accessories such as immobilizers, locks, and alarms that would prevent and discourage thieves from breaking in. Others such as partitions which would prevent thieves from even seeing inside the trucks are great options as well. Investing in these accessories increases the security of the trucks and keeps the mind of every party involved at rest.

WHAT TO DO: Enjoy peace of mind with Eurowag telematics, which can help you to control over 150 vehicle parameters and will notify you immediately in case of unexpected vehicle malfunction.

  • Avoid bad transit times

Depending on what business the fleet of the truck is used for, a great way of increasing their security is by scheduling movements during business hours. While daylight robbery is just as popular as nighttime ones, the risk of theft is greater at night.

WHAT TO DO: Get Eurowag telematics plan your routes, search for the next stops and see all the vehicle detail.

  • Use more than one driver in high-crime areas

When navigating areas where the crime rate is high, be sure to practice a two-team driving system. If there are female drivers, they should be paired with male drivers as females are top targets for theft.

  • Control parking areas

These days, vehicle burglars only need as little as 40 seconds to break into vehicles, hot-wire the engine and zoom off! Drivers should be aware of this and so, be more conscious of where they park during breaks. Parking should be done in safe and open places, where theft is less likely to occur.

WHAT TO DO: Check out the list of Eurowag truck parks, which will guarantee full protection and security of your fleet.

While ensuring your trucks might be very pricey, doing it remains inevitable. Taking the actions above would increase the security of the trucks and in the long run, help you to save money on the price of your insurance premium.


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