6 Common Mistakes Transporters make when applying for a VAT refund

Applying for a VAT refund is by far not an easy task, especially when you work in the transportation industry. Today, we’ve asked our VAT Refund experts what are the 6 most common mistakes transporters make when applying for a VAT Refund. Here’s what they said:

1.  Your company details – In case any of your company details have changed (e.g. address, company name legal representatives, bank account used for tax refund purpose), tell your agent immediately. Your application can be rejected if old details are used.

2.  One VAT refund agent – States of refund require just one VAT refund agent for a particular period – Many member states of a refund don’t allow claim overlapping, which is a solid reason of rejecting your application. If you allow more agents to submit VAT refund application to the same state of refund in the same period then one of those applications will be rejected in vast of majority cases.

3.  Eligible products – Each member state of refund has different rules of products accepted for the VATrefund – check with your coordinator what products are eligible in your states of refund and provide invoices only for eligible products – you will save our time and your claim will be submitted faster

4.  Full transaction history – In case you've faced a situation where your supplier provided you with an invoice for a transaction which includes a correction, it has to be declared to the tax office.

5.  Complete fiscal documentation – When sending your invoices to an agent, don’t forget to provide us with all the attachments of invoices. Tax Authority requests a complete invoice. Consequently, you will be asked to provide proofing documents (e.g. CRM, vehicle log books etc.).

6.  Universal cards – If you are using universal fuel cards often, Tax Authority may ask you to declare which vehicles the card was used for.

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