European MPs propose mandatory assistance systems

24.11.2017 - European MPs have supported a proposal requiring that assistance systems aimed at increasing safety traffic on roads be a mandatory component in new motor vehicles in the future. The assistance systems should take partial control over the vehicle in…


Tesla presented the electric Semi truck

24.11.2017 - American electric car manufacturer Tesla presented a prototype of the electric Tesla Semi truck and the new sports convertible Roadster. The Semi can manage the maximum load, which is almost 36,300 kg in the USA, and a range of approximately 800 km…


Conference on digitalisation of transport in Tallinn

24.11.2017 - The European Commission, its general directorate for transport and mobility and the Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union organised a conference with extensive international participation, called Digital Transport Days, in Tallinn…


Longest location road tunnel opened in Iceland

24.11.2017 - The longest road tunnel in Iceland, called Nor?fjör?ur, which connects two fjords, was recently opened in the country. The bored section is 7.5 km long. Construction began in November 2013 and was finished in September 2015. Completion of the tunnel…


Sales of alternative-powered cars in the EU increased

17.11.2017 - The sale of cars with alternative power increased by 51% in the third quarter, to 211,635 vehicles. This equal 6% of total new cars sales in the EU, of which electromobiles accounted for 1.6%. The figures were reported by the European Automobile…


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