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Ing. Ladislav Luka, Fuel expert

How you’ll be driving in five years

Neverending news about COVID-19 makes it hard to imagine how the world will look next year, let alone five years down the line. But that won’t stop us from making a few predictions about how your job will look, five years down the road.

How you’ll be driving in five years


Think of your windshield now. Imagine it. How does it look? No obstructions? Nice and clean, high visibility? Or is it a little different? Loaded up with OBUs (our On board unit, one for each country), small shelves and stickers, flags, bobbleheads…

More like the second one, right?  Well in the future, it might look a little different. The flags might stay (unless they’re forbidden by law), but you definitely won’t be fighting with as many On board units.

Thanks to advancements in EETS-compliant On board units, you’ll be paying for tolls across all Europe with just one device.  For some, the future is already here, thanks to solutions like EVA from Eurowag. For others, it’s only a matter of time. The simplicity and safety of a clean windshield will be too much to pass up.


It’s already 2020, but plenty of fleets are still being managed by spreadsheets.

In five years’ time, it will look a bit different. There are already smarter, more effective, and faster ways to manage your fleet. Yes, we’re talking about telematics.

Telematics combine software with hardware placed in each truck in a fleet, giving dispatchers and fleet operators all the information they need to manage their fleet with ease.

Sounds a little bit like big brother, right? It doesn’t have to. Telematics can also be a good thing for drivers.  For one thing, telematics can help make your job safer. It makes it easier to keep vehicles on a proper maintenance schedule, helping you keep your vehicle in top shape. Telematics can also reduce the risk of accidents by encouraging proper break times and good driving behavior, making sure the drivers you share the road with are in good driving condition.

Telematics can also make it easier for fleet operators to reward good drivers, and can even make it possible to gamify the driving experience. Getting rewarded for your driving skill? Yes please.


We don’t have a crystal ball, and it’s impossible to know how much trucking can change in five years. Just look at any predictions people made last year, and compare them to this year’s reality.

Nevertheless, we’re confident about some of the changes headed your way. But we’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think trucking will look like in 2025?