Безпроблемно пътуване из Европа 

Вземете решения за пътни такси, съобразени с Вашия автопарк, независимо от неговия размер.
Управлявайте таксите за изминат участък в няколко държави само с едно устройство за такси и обработвайте плащанията в една удобна за потребителя система. 

Безпроблемно пътуване из Европа 

Улесняване на пътуванията

24 Държави + Тунели + Тунелът Варнов
24 Държави + Тунели + Тунелът Варнов
Ексклузивни отстъпки за пътни такси за клиенти на Eurowag
Ексклузивни отстъпки за пътни такси за клиенти на Eurowag
24/7 поддръжка на Вашия език 
24/7 поддръжка на Вашия език 


Use just one device for toll payments

EETS-certified toll boxes let you pay toll in multiple toll regions with just one device, giving drivers a clean windshield and a simpler driving experience.

Manage all your toll needs in one system

The user-friendly Eurowag Client Portal is your one-stop-shop for all your toll invoices, transaction data, consolidated reports, and more. And Eurowag customers can also manage their fuel cards, tax refunds, and more in the same

Get a toll box that does more than just toll

EVA, an EETS-certified toll box, comes with built-in fuel card fraud protection plus fleet management tools ready to be activated when you need them. It’s an innovative toll box that can help you reduce costs and simplify toll at the same time.

How do toll payments work in Europe?

  • Drivers of commercial vehicles in Europe need to pay toll to use roads, crossings, and tunnels. Most countries have their own toll system, and some countries have multiple systems. Each system has its own requirements and payment methods.
  • Eurowag helps make toll payments simple. Our years of experience and expert guidance will take the stress out of navigating complex toll systems so you can focus on getting to your destination.

How are toll payments made?

  • Many toll regions support the use of an on-board unit, or OBU, to make toll payments. An OBU is typically attached to a vehicle’s windshield, and lets countries collect toll payments electronically and automatically.
  • If you typically drive through several toll regions, you might have multiple OBUs in your vehicle – which means you have to understand how they all work. Too many OBUs can even block your vision while driving.
  • Eurowag provides OBUs that can manage toll payments in multiple countries with just one device. You can enjoy a simpler driving experience and a clean windshield thanks to our user-friendly OBUs.

Our toll solutions

What is EETS, and what is an EETS OBU?

  • EETS stands for European Electronic Toll Service. It is an initiative from the European Union to create a simpler framework for paying toll in Europe.
  • EETS-certified OBUs can make toll payments in multiple countries. Eurowag is an EETS-certified provider and can help you take advantage of an EETS device.

What are vignettes?

  • A vignette is a charge paid for driving on certain roads throughout Europe. Some countries require a small sticker attached to your windshield as proof of payment for a vignette, while other countries have an electronic vignette.
  • Eurowag customers can pay for electronic vignettes using their Eurowag fuel cards.

Заявка за решение за таксуване

Искате перфектното решение за таксуване за Вашия автопарк?  

Моля, изберете една от опциите. За запитвания за продукти - Свържете се с търговците ни. Вече сте клиент? Изберете - Клиентска поддръжка.
Моля, въведете валидното си име и фамилия
Максималната дължина е 100, а единствените разрешени символи са букви и цифри.
Имейлът е задължителен.
Моля, въведете имейла в правилния формат.
Телефонният номер е задължителен
Моля, въведете номера в правилния формат.
Държавата е задължителна
Задължително е предоставянето на данни за съгласие

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