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Czech Rep. announces new tender for D1 cameras

10.02.2017 - The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic has announced a new tender to supply a total of five sets of speed measuring systems on segments of the D1 motorway. Providing the competition goes ahead without any of the participants…


Popularity of electric cars in Europe on the rise

10.02.2017 - The number of electric cars on European roads is constantly on the rise. This information was derived from a year on year comparison by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). Within the European Union sales of electric cars rose…


Rubber roads to be built in Malaysia

10.02.2017 - New roads and motorways in Malaysia are to be built from rubber. World market prices for this natural material are falling, while Malaysia is one of the biggest producers. The construction of such surface will work out 16 % more expensive than…


Kaptan Petrol – Vestem (RO): temporarily closed fuel station

08.02.2017 - The {LOCATION:RO089} fuel station in Romania is temporarily closed. We apologise for any possible complications this may cause. Your EW Team.


Construction of three segments of the Czech D6 motorway to commence this year

01.02.2017 - Construction may get under way as early as this autumn on segments of the Czech D6 motorway to Karlovy Vary. The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic is finalising land purchases and preparation of building permission. The necessary…


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