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Future toll fees in the Czech Republic should take into account noise and emissions

03/17/17 - Starting from 2020, the Ministry of Transport wants to incorporate charges for noise and emission into toll fees. According to the ministry, in addition to charges for using the road, external factors – i.e. fees for noise, travelling at night and…


Volvo tests hybrid system for long-haul transport

03/17/17 - The Volvo Concept Truck is the first hybrid vehicle of its kind designed for heavy-duty vehicles used in long-haul traffic. Aside from enhanced aerodynamics, lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions achieves reduced rolling resistance and…


Norway wants new cars running exclusively on alternative fuels

03/17/17 - Norway is keen for all newly sold cars to run on alternative fuels by 2025. 37% of new cars in Norway already run on electric engines. Residents of the country are being offered strong incentives to purchase electric vehicles. No tax is charged to…


Croatia raises toll prices on motorways

02/28/17 - Croatia is planning to increase toll prices. The first phase will involve aligning prices on the motorway leading south to Dalmatia and east to the Serbian border with higher rates on the motorway from Zagreb to Istria. During the summer season a…


Construction of segments of the Czech D35, D11 and D6 could get under way in the autumn

02/28/17 - Construction of the D11 motorway in the Hradec Králové – Jaroměř segment could get under way as early as September. The motorway could go as far as the Polish border ideally by 2025. Construction of the first two segments of the D35 motorway in the…


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„Eurowag“ turi sprendimą kiekvienam

Mes siūlome tris „Eurowag” kortelės tipus, kurie yra specialiai pritaikyti jūsų verslo poreikiams.

Sprendimas didelėms ir vidutinėms transporto bendrovėms

Idealus sprendimas tokioms bendrovėms yra „Eurowag One“.

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Sprendimas krovinių vežėjams

Mes sukūrėme unikalų produktą specialiai krovinių ekspeditoriams ir jų transporto subrangovams – „Eurowag Vector“ kortelę.

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Sprendimas mažesniems vežėjams

„Eurowag Easy“ kortelė specialiai sukurta mažesniems vežėjams ir įmonės transporto priemonėms.

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