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Preparations to complete Prague ring road still under way

04/27/17 - Preparations are progressing to complete another part of the Prague ring road linking the D1 and D11 motorways. The Czech Road and Motorway Directorate has passed on documentation to the Ministry of the Environment required to assess the…


Austria to introduce electronic stamps

04/27/17 - Drivers travelling on Austrian motorways will be able to do so without motorway stamps placed on the windscreens of their vehicles. The classic motorway stamp sticker will continue to be available, however starting from this November online and from…


Exxon Mobil won’t be granted permission to restore oil extraction in Russia

04/27/17 - The US government will not be granting any US companies permission to explore and extract oil in regions subject to sanctions against Russia. The decision particularly concerns the world’s largest oil company Exxon Mobil which has been trying for…


Tesla plans electric tractor

04/27/17 - Tesla plans to introduce Semi electric tractors this September. This could offer an interesting alternative to traditional tractors, above all now that many European metropolises are considering banning entry of diesel-powered cars. The electro…


Transport ministers discussed improving road safety

04/14/17 - The individual transport ministers discussed the common aim of improving road safety and reducing the number of traffic accident victims at an international conference in Valletta, Malta. Some 25,500 people were killed on the European roads in 2016.…


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Mes siūlome tris „Eurowag” kortelės tipus, kurie yra specialiai pritaikyti jūsų verslo poreikiams.

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Idealus sprendimas tokioms bendrovėms yra „Eurowag One“.

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