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EU drivers to expect changes to fuel labelling

01/12/17 - Drivers throughout the European Union can expect a change to the way in which fuel is labelled. In addition to national labels, stickers will be introduced this year indicating the type of fuel and proportion of biofuel component in a unified way.…


Increase expected to restricted speed zones on Austrian motorways

01/12/17 - As a rule the maximum speed allowed on motorways in Austria is 130 km/hr. For environmental reasons, the maximum speed limit on special segments indicated as IG-L zones has been reduced to 100 or 80 km/hr depending on the area. The number of such…


Czech Republic to open 40 km of new motorway segments this year

01/12/17 - Road workers in the Czech Republic are planning to open 40 km of new or modernised motorway segments. Examples include a part of the D3 motorway by České Budějovice, the linking up of Prague and Hradec Králové on the D11 and the problematic incline…


New road Eurasian tunnel opens in Turkey

01/06/17 - A new road tunnel connecting Europe and Asia opened at the end of 2016. The tunnel shortens the journey between two parts of Istanbul – the European Kazliçeşme and Asian Göztepe – from 100 to 15 minutes. The two-storey tunnel construction was…


China opens the world’s tallest bridge

01/06/17 - The tallest bridge in the world has opened in Southeast China. Reuters published details referencing Chinese state media as the source. The building is 565 m tall and 1.34 kilometres long. It links up the city of Xuanwei in Yunnan province with the…


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„Eurowag“ turi sprendimą kiekvienam

Mes siūlome tris „Eurowag” kortelės tipus, kurie yra specialiai pritaikyti jūsų verslo poreikiams.

Sprendimas didelėms ir vidutinėms transporto bendrovėms

Idealus sprendimas tokioms bendrovėms yra „Eurowag One“.

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Mes sukūrėme unikalų produktą specialiai krovinių ekspeditoriams ir jų transporto subrangovams – „Eurowag Vector“ kortelę.

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„Eurowag Easy“ kortelė specialiai sukurta mažesniems vežėjams ir įmonės transporto priemonėms.

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