Toll in Slovenia

Slovenia collects the toll from all vehicles on selected roads. Vehicles under 3.5 tonnes pay toll using a motorway decal (“Vinjeta”), while vehicles over 3.5 tonnes use different means of payment. Tolls in Slovenia are determined according to vehicle type and are subject to VAT.

In Slovenia it is possible to pay toll:

  • by Eurowag card;
  • by Eurowag card and DARS card.

Topping up of DARS card using Eurowag card

It is possible to use a Eurowag card to top up a DARS card (DARS cards are issued at tollhouses and selected contact points). The minimum top-up amount is EUR 20; this amount is subsequently available as credit on the DARS card.

Depending on the amount of the credit topped up to the DARS card, you may qualify for a discount as follows:

  • 1% - pre-paid amount between EUR 60 and 210;
  • 3% - pre-paid amount between EUR 210 and 400;
  • 5% - pre-paid amount higher than EUR 400;
  • Discount applies only to a single vehicle.  

The official website of the toll system operator is

Eurowag’s package offers:

  • the lowest fees related to toll payment in Slovenia;
  • clear, easy-to-understand online reporting for easy invoicing of all toll payments in Slovenia.

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