Toll in Germany

In Germany, toll applies to vehicle over 12 tonnes (7,5 tonnes starting from 1.10.2015) on motorways and expressways, and is not subject to VAT.

In Germany, toll is collected using a combination of satellite localization and modern mobile communication technologies.

The toll system operator – Toll Collect – provides three ways to pay toll:

  • automatically via an On-Board Unit (OBU) installed in-vehicle;
  • manuallyat special toll-pay terminals (Toll Collect card payment);
  • manually using an Internet application.

The official website of the toll system operator is

Upon registration, Toll Collect sends new users “vehicle cards” which are then used to pay the toll either over the Internet and at kiosks. If you want to use the OBU unit, please contact an authorized service to install the unit based on the vehicle registration confirmed by Toll Collect.

Eurowag’s package offers:

  • best German toll payment conditions in the market;
  • on-line registration of new vehicles considerably simplifies and speeds up your administration;
  • clear, easy-to-understand on-line reporting for easy invoicing of all your toll payments in Germany.

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